Going to school is an adventure

Всем привет!

We started classes yesterday. I really like all of my professors (well the ones that I have met so far). Our school schedule is different every day so we don’t have all of our classes in one day. We are required to take three Russian language classes: grammar, phonetics and conversation. Other than those three classes we can choose two electives. We still have not chosen the electives, that will happen next Monday.

I live quite far away from school and thus it takes me about an hour to commute to and from school every day. However, I did not realize that until this morning. I left the apartment at around 11am this morning thinking that half an hour would be enough to get on the metro, switch onto a different metro line and then walk to school from the metro station. The walk itself took about half an hour, I am sure the walk was not supposed to take that long but I also had no idea which way to go when I got out of the metro station. So needless to say, I was late for my first day of Russian grammar class. However, I was so late to class that there was no point in even going in because there were about 20-30 min left from the lecture and it is a 1 1/3 long class. On the bright side though, now I know how long it takes to commute to school.

The rest of the day was better. After Ana was done with her class, we walked back to the metro station but took a rather longer route because we wanted to see what was around our school. Once we made it to the metro station we decided to go to Nevsky Prospect (this is one of the most famous streets in St. Petersburg and it has a lot of shops and cafes). Once we made it to Nevsky Prospect, we decided to look for a place to eat. There are a lot of little coffee houses along Nevsky but we wanted to go somewhere where we could have cheaper but good Russian food. We stopped at a place called Terovak. This place seems to be chain restaurant because I keep seeing ads about it on all of the metro stations.

There were a lot of chooses of different traditional Russian dishes. We decided to eat blini. Blini are Russian crepes served with different fillings. They can be savory or sweet and you can put any filling in it. The ones that I ordered were filled with cabbage, egg and cheese and the other one was filled with a whole banana and chocolate. They were very good. I also ordered kvas which is a traditional Russian drink- it slightly resembles coke that has been left open for a while but it is still drinkable.  Here is a picture of the blini.

Overall this day has been  interesting (in a good way). Tomorrow I plan on getting to school a lot earlier and I would also have to explain to my professor why I missed her class today. Wish me luck!

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8 Responses to Going to school is an adventure

  1. Ana says:

    HAHA Thanks Vicky! I think the name of the place was Teremok? Wasn’t it? (and also I think you meant to write ID)

  2. Maya Gold says:

    Those blini look FABULOUS. I’m glad you’re getting your chocolate fix. 🙂

    • vickyr24 says:

      Yeah they were very tasty. I told my host mom last night that I like chocolate and as soon as she heard that, she jumped from the table and brought me a chocolate bar. It was actually pretty good chocolate, I maybe mistaken about Russian chocolate.

  3. Katherine Quaid says:

    I didn’t realize you could leave replies! but your life sounds so exciting! the Blini look delicious and I hope tomorrow you are not late.

    • vickyr24 says:

      Yeah I was not sure if I needed to do something so you guys can leave replies but it works so all is well haha. I was not late this morning I was there almost an hour earlier haha.

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